She Schemed to Rule the Stars!

From the author of the bestselling novel of military sf, The Price to Be Paid: A Novel of the Stellar Republic, comes a book set in a distant solar system where aristocratic forces that lost to the Republic have set up their own little empire.

Now, centuries later, the Cadian Lords wage seemingly endless Resource Wars, trying to  control their system's natural resources. Political scheming and constant raiding on far-flung shipping routes have prevented outright warfare from consuming the Freeholds' tenuous grips on civilization. But one brilliant, ambitious woman, Yvonne Thibeau, schemes to make her House supreme and all the other Cadin Lords its vassals. With the power of an ancient technology at her command, Yvonne is willing to wage a full-scale war—risking the very civilization she hopes to rule in order to fulfill her dream.

Empress of all the Stars is a sweeping saga of war, politics, and romance that will thrill Matt Kirkby's fans and win him new ones.

"Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Stargate will love Matt Kirkby's work!" says Jean Marie Stine, former personal assistant to Gene Roddenberry.

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