Four Classics of the Space Patrol!

In this volume, you'll find the first four books in this delightful series, complete and unabridged: Stand by for Mars!, Danger in Deep Space, On the Trail of the Space Pirates and The Space Pioneers.

Revisit the days when spaceships were piloted "by the seat of the pants." When women scientists invented the hyperdrive. When space cadets saved the solar system without the help of their senior officers. Come back, in short, to the glory days of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet!

The cadets, Tom, Roger and Astro were always in trouble with their commanding officers, on the carpet over and over, trying to prove they were innocent of any wrongdoing, even after braving dangerous assignments and the everyday hazards of space flight. Roger had a knack for getting the unit into trouble, which would require them to work as a team and prove their innocence. Many times the cadets' sense of adventure outweighed caution and sent them off without checking in with their supervisor, Capt Strong.

Join them on their first mission as they Stand By For Mars! Then it's a rocketing journey to the reaches of the solar system in Danger In Deep Space. After that, the cadets are On The Trail Of The Space Pirates, Finally they take a hand in helping The Space Pioneers.

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