THE SECOND E. E. ‘DOC’ SMITH OMNIBUS: The Galaxy Primes; The Robot Nemesis; Spacehounds of IPC

Two Classic SF Novels and the Only eBook Collection of Smith's Short Stories.

The first ship to the stars is crewed by two men and two women with incredible mental powers and incredible sexual drives—the Galaxy Primes. They will need both to survive what they find.

Then, read all the great E. E. Smith stories available for eBook publication from the rarely reprinted "Robot Nemesis" to his two heroic fantasy novelettes about Lord Tedric, the mighty warrior, to "The Vortex Blaster" and "Subspace Survivors".

Finally, join the crew of the Arcturus as they battle space pirates, enemy aliens, and their own inner passions—and still get the job done!—in Spacehouds of I.P.C.

Here is a not-to-be-missed omnibus edition of three full length sf books!

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