CHING WITCH! by Ross Rocklynne

"Unusual and Unexpected!"

That's how Ray Bradbury hails the science fiction of Nebula Award nominee Ross Rocklynne. Headed by "Ching Witch!", his 1972 Nebula nominee novelette, this first-ever collection of Rocklynne's work presents him in a wide variety of styles and themes. You will find stylistically and philosophically dazzling stories like "Ching Witch," "Find the Face," and "The Sound of Space." You will also find two very different philosophic puzzle stories, one light-hearted, the other deeply affecting: "Jackdaw" and "Quietus."

You will certainly find two stories that in a dramatic science fiction setting embody some of the thought-provoking ideas the author imbibed from the Indian philosophy of Vedanta, "They Fly So High" and "Fulfillment." Finally, you will also discover the ever-playful Rocklynne in a more humorous vein in the puckish "The Good Egg," the sardonic "The Diversifal," and the romantic farce, "The Voice."

This is a "don't miss" drawn from the cream of digest and pulp science fiction, including Astounding (now Analog), Amazing, Galaxy, Planet, and Thrilling Wonder Stories.

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