THE FOREST REAPER: The Lost Pulp Horror Novel by William Tillinghast Eldridge


Horror Classic that Scared Lovecraft!

First-ever reprint of a pulp classic. After reading this soul-shaking tale of terror, madness and death, the legendary H. P. Lovecraft wrote: "William Tillinghast Eldridge set a high standard [in horror] in The Forest Reaper."

When two young men reared in the Western world enter a remote and forgotten jungle, their adventure leads to love for one and a hideous death for the other. Shaken to the core by the sight of his brother's mutilated corpse, the survivor decides to become his avenger.  In his madness he becomes the Forest Reaper, collecting the lives of those who tortured and murdered his sibling. But in the process, he releases an evil from which he can not spare either himself or the woman he has come to love.

Warning: this story is grisly and dark. From the legendary pulp magazine All-Story, which gave the world Tarzan, Zorro, and other great works.

Cover photo: M. Christian

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