THE SCARLET SAINT by Manly Banister

First Unabridged Book Version!

Hailed as a classic when it first appeared in magazine form, the initial book version of The Scarlet Saint was cut by more than 20,000 words. Critics and fans universally condemned the result. According to Amazing Stories' reviewer S. E. Cotts, this "robbed the story of suspense, as well as its flow. The magazine version is longer and richer in description." Amazing also hailed the original as "written in the style and featuring the tremendous characters which epitomized the Golden Age of science fiction. The wealth of descriptive detail, the exciting action and pace, the painstaking construction of plot: all are here, to make an unforgettable experience."

In Manly Banister's science fiction classic, Earth has been under the rule of the Trisz for generations. The seemingly benevolent Trisz are really looting the planet, for they feed on pure energy and are robbing Earth of its water supply and all else that makes it habitable. The only hope of Earth lies in the Scarlet Order of Men, the one planet-wide organization that the Trisz tolerate because it is disguised as a religion.

The Scarlet Order of Men's only hope lies in Kor Danay, the young mutant whose mental powers are the result of centuries of psychic research by the Order.

Kor Danay's only hope lies in Lady Soma, the woman who has sworn to kill him. But, dying could be Kor's and Earth's best hope. With his psychic powers he just might become a God if he dies. And as for Lady Soma, every God needs a Goddess!

Here is the original, uncut Scarlet Saint! Deep space, the far future, strange powers and stranger beings, this is a science fiction novel with that often-screamed-for "sense of wonder."

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