PIRATES OF ROSINANTE [The Rosinante Trilogy #3] by Alexis A. Gilliland

Hostile space navies, revolt in the ranks and scheming robots are only the beginning of Rosinante governor Charles Cantrell's problems. As Rosinante—former space colony, now an independent worldlet—orbits further from Earth, Cantrell's problems aren't getting better, they're getting worse!

Caught in the middle of an outer space conflict between the U. S. and Japan, the lives of everyone living in the fragile habitat of Rosinante are vulnerable to bombs, missiles and sabotage. Betrayed from within, schemed against from without, Cantrell would have to act fast and think faster if he were to save Rosinante and protect its inhabitants. The only thing the hapless governor has going for him is that the robots believe Cantrell has God on his side!

"The story elements come early, fast, and furious," Dani Sweig of Belated Reviews writes of the Rosinante trilogy, "Gilliland's quirky mix of eccentric characters, cynical power politics, and old-style hard sf engineering-in-space is fun to read. Gilliland's novels are about people who, mostly through accident of circumstance, find themselves holding a tiger by the tail, with a choice of hanging on or being eaten."

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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