ARTHUR [The Minstrel’s Song #2] by Jac Eddins


Second Volume in the Bestselling & Fantasy Saga!

On an urgent mission for the Guardian, the Lord of Druids and Magicians, the minstrel Arthur is attacked and left for dead. When he awakens, he finds himself in the care of a beautiful young woman—but his romantic notions are soon crushed when he discovers her identity: she is none other than Malwyn, the druid he has been ordered to serve on his new assignment.

The more Malwyn refuses him, the more his attraction to her grows. It's all the romantic bard can do to keep his mind on his work—which is very unfortunate, for it is very dangerous work indeed. First, accompanied by Malwyn's friend Elessar and a troupe of elves, they are to locate and report on the hiding place of a reforming demon. Along the way, he and Malwyn are to seek out and destroy a group of powerful magical relics before the demon can find them.

When Malwyn seems attracted to a young druid they rescue, Arthur can hardly control his growing jealousy—which may be why he and Elessar are easily captured by orcs who plan to offer them to their ruler, an immortal sorceress who maintains her youth by draining the life from her victims. Is there any way Elessar and Arthur can escape from the underground Orc stronghold, where even the Guardian can do nothing to aid them? Will Malwyn admit to herself she loves Arthur? And how can they hope to defeat the demon if anything happens to Arthur, who the prophecy says must be with Malwyn during the final battle?

Jac Eddins' novels are "Fast-paced, attention-grabbing, full of surprises, and filled with intriguing characters," writes Ayden Delacroix, In the Library Reviews.

Cover: Matthew Kammert.

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