JASON [The Minstrel’s Song #1] by Jac Eddins


"Fast-paced, attention-grabbing, intriguing characters!"

That's how Ayden Delacroix, writing for In the Library Reviews, describes the work of Jac Eddins. She also calls Eddins' books, "Alive, vibrant and full of surprises."

Jason is the first book of an enthralling new fantasy series with science fictional overtones. Jason, a soldier, and Arthur, a minstrel, are impressed into service by the Guardian, Lord of Druids and Magicians. The Guardian has discovered that an impending wedding will lead to a devastating war. So, he sends Jason and Arthur to prevent the planned nuptials.

It's a doomed match anyway; the high-born bride, Reina, is an amazon, and the groom a scheming Duke, a tool in the hands of a near-immortal black magician. When Arthur falls for Reina, he and Jason devise a scheme to make it appear Reina has been compromised. Soon the Duke has rejected her and, due to misunderstanding between the temperamental minstrel and strong-willed amazon, Reina is married to Jason.

When the evil sorcerer discovers the trick, he sends the Duke to kill Jason and Arthur and to capture Reina. While Rena and Arthur bicker, the three desperately attempt to defend their own lives against the Duke and his men. The sorcerer looses a plague on Reina's country, and Jason takes her to a druid stronghold to protect her, while Arthur goes in search of the one plant that will provide a cure.

Will Jason tame the willful amazon or vice-versa? With the Duke's army between him and success, how can Arthur possibly get the cure back in time? And will Jason and Reina make their sham wedding a reality, or will Reina still hold to her love for Arthur? And just why does the sorcerer want Reina so badly anyway? The story continues in The Minstrel's Song Book II: Arthur.

Cover: Matthew Kammert

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