DEMETER’S CHILDREN by Brian Brookwell

Would the Humans' Meeting with the Merpeople Mean the Beginning or End of Their New Lives?

The survivors of unauthorized genetic experimentation had escaped their captor and blasted away from a dying Earth. After five hundred years of travel, Space Ark IV has finally reached Demeter, their new home in the Tau Ceti system. Only months after landing, the impact of a huge asteroid on the other side of the ocean world raises a tsunami that nearly wipes out the colony on land, leaving them to struggle to rebuild while desperately searching for food to supply their colony.

Their survival is made harder by the discovery of one merchild.

Natives exist on Demeter! No one believes this, for the Space Ark would not have been sent if there were natives. But there are natives and they are approaching in huge numbers. After all the survivors have gone through, do they now need to go to war?

Brookwell's visually charged science fiction moves to the next level in this first full-length novel by the author of Ovid Revisited & Other Metamorphic Fantasies.

Categories Science Fiction , Fantasy , F - Novels , SF - Novels
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