THE THIRD WIZARD OF OZ OMNIBUS: The Patchwork of Oz; Tik-Tok of Oz; The Scarecrow of Oz

A Triple Ozzy Treat! Oz books 7, 8 & 9 in one unabridged volume.

Ojo's uncle is held captive by a wicked witch, but with the help of old friends and the Patchwork Girl of Oz, he is restored and evil conquered. The Emerald land is invaded by Nomes and defended by the Queen of Oogaboo's army in Tik-Toc of Oz. When Button-Bright finds himself in trouble, he thinks all is lost—until he meets a man whose head is stuffed with straw.

Three delightful, enchanting, magical visits to Oz. Get your ticket now!

Categories Science Fiction , Fantasy , F - Bargain Omnibuses , SF - Bargain Omnibuses
Author Page L. Frank Baum's Futures Past Editions eBooks