THE FIRST CONAN OMNIBUS: The Young Swordsman by Robert E. Howard

Over 150,000 Words of Robert E. Howard Classics!

Here are some of the earliest adventures of Conan straight from the pages of the legendary pulp, Weird Tales. Thrill to the deadly perils the giant Cimmerian faces from the "Shadows in Zamboula," "The Devil in Iron," "Jewels of Gwahlur," "Red Nails," and seven other classics of sword and sorcery.

This is Conan as Robert E. Howard meant him to be! The iron-muscled barbarian is no superhero in a fur girdle, nor is he a gentleman. Howard's Conan is brave, strong and cunning—but also greedy, rapacious, opportunistic and self-serving. No one today writes stories as gripping, full-blooded and savage as the 1930s Texas writer, Robert E. Howard.

Cover art: original 1930s magazine cover for Conan story "The Devil in Iron," by Brundage.

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