RESPECTFULLY MINE [Leland Hale, Galactic Conman #2] by Randall Garrett

Hale may be the cleverest crook in the galaxy, but can even he crack a closely guarded time capsule?

Hugo Finalist and Sidewise Award winner faces his most endearing character, future conman Leland Hale, with his most daunting challenge. From the creator of Lord Darcy comes another short novel from the glory days of the pulps featuring Randall Garrett's rarest and never-reprinted series character.

But beware, Leland Hale will steal your heart—and all your money! Hale thinks the universe owes him a living, and he is collecting on the installment plan. Fraud, larceny and murder are all in the day's work for this master interstellar confidence man. The backwater planet Apfahl doesn't know what is about to descend on them. Lock up your daughters—and your valuables. Leland Hale is in town.

Reprinted from the 1950s pulp, Infinity.

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Dwarf Stars Novelettes
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