WHAT THIN PARTITIONS [Ralph Kennedy, Psichologist, Book 1] by Mark Clifton

Comic SF with a Point from the Hugo-Winning Novelist!

What if you were a personnel director assigned to prevent the company's most productive employee from resigning—and discovered her four-year-old daughter was creating havoc in the company's daycare center by making objects fly through the air? What would you do to halt a kindergarten poltergeist from turning your factory upside down?

That's what happens to Ralph Kennedy in Hugo Award winning author Mark Clifton's hilarious, but pointed, What Thin Partitions, and things only become more complicated when Kennedy encounters a fake fortune-teller who has no idea his string of successful guesses results from an unconscious ability to read minds! The comic dilemmas only become worse as Kennedy finds himself encountering an assortment of people with paranormal gifts, each posing a unique problem.

Lighthearted throughout, What Thin Partitions rises to a touching and inspiring conclusion when Kennedy's efforts unwittingly bring these characters all together and they discover a collective destiny in which he cannot share. Here is classic science fiction that will make you laugh, think and cry—a must-read!

"Mark Clifton is one of the twelve most influential writers of science fiction," says writer, critic and Nebula award winner Barry Maltzberg. Clifton's novel, They'd Rather Be Right, with collaborator Frank Riley, won the 1955 Hugo Award. Many of his stories have been selected for various "best of" anthologies both before and since his passing. The four novelettes that comprise What Thin Partitions was never issued in book form due to Clifton's untimely and unanticipated passing (although, strangely, its sequel, When they Come from Space, was published in hardcover).

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