WHEN THEY COME FROM SPACE [Ralph Kennedy, Psichologist, Book 2] by Mark Clifton

Classic Humorous SF from a Hugo-Winning Author!

Ralph Kennedy, unassuming personnel psychologist, thought he had headaches when he was faced with clients who had psychic talents they couldn't control in What Thin Partitions (first-ever reprint, Futures Past Editions, 2003). Now, through a case of mistaken identity, Kennedy is pressed into service by Space Navy, as an expert in extraterrestrial psychology.

The Space Navy doesn't have any aliens—or anything for Kennedy to do—they just want to be prepared. When his attempts to clear up the confusion get bogged down due to a mirthful mix-up of records, Kennedy has somehow convinced the thick-headed bureaucrats running the Navy that he is their man. But just as boredom sets in and he is dreaming of suicide, a mysterious Black Fleet of alien saucers appears over Washington and demands the Earth government surrender to it or the entire planet will be destroyed. Kennedy finds everyone turning to him for advice he doesn't have.

Then he and the world are saved—or are they?—by the intervention of a squadron of glowing, globe-like ships which beat off the Black Fleet. But when the rescuing aliens from the globes emerge from their ships, Kennedy faces the biggest challenge of his life. For their appearance raises more problems than it solves: the aliens are god-like human beings in white suits and white hats. Earth is so grateful for their rescue that Kennedy finds he is the only one troubled by the alien's providential arrival and appearance.

Here is humorous science fiction with a point by the co-author of the Hugo winning novel They'd Rather Be Right.

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