LAIR OF THE BEAST [The Ki-Gor Collection] by John Peter Drummond

"Ki-Gor was the best and most popular of Tarzan's rivals," —Pulp expert Forrest J. Ackerman.

In this adventure, Ki-Gor takes on one of the oldest of all human evils, human trafficking, a scourge which has never died out even to this day. As the original magazine blurb puts it: "Ki-Gor, white lord of the jungle, had sworn an oath. Death to ibn Daoud, dealer in men!" It is logical that he should encounter it, for Africa has always been a prime target for those who would trap and enslave others. A must for fans of Tarzan and other jungle heroes.

As an added treat, this electronic edition reprints the original magazine blurb for the story. With an original Introduction discussing the character, his creators, and the story itself. Plus a complete list of all the Ki-Gor novels from Jungle Stories. With the original pulp magazine cover illustration.

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