THE MAD MONSTER OF MU-UNGU [The Ki-Gor Collection] by John Peter Drummond

In this adventure, Ki-Gor, the jungle king of the pulps, is lured into a trap by a man who saves Helene's life. Drugged and hypnotized by a power mad despot, Ki-Gor unwittingly leads Helene, along with his two closest friends, the Masai warrior Tembu George, Chief N'Geeso, and their tribes, into the hands of a fiend. A helpless pawn in a madman's scheme, Ki-Gor's only hope is a Zulu wizard (fans of H. Rider Haggard will recognize the inspiration for this character) whose aid the jungle lord has already spurned.

As an added bonus, this electronic edition reprints the original magazine blurb for the story. With an original Introduction discussing the character, his creators, and the story itself. Plus a complete list of all the Ki-Gor novels from Jungle Stories. With the original pulp magazine cover illustration.

Categories Science Fiction , Fantasy , F - Dwarf Stars Novelettes , SF - Dwarf Stars Novelettes
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