TOKA AND THE MAN BATS [The Jungle-Kings Vol. 2]: The “Lost” Pulp Classic by Raymond A. Palmer

Lost Pulp Magazine Classic Out-Tarzans Tarzan!

Out of the night sky came a winged monster, and Toka lost his loved princess and queen of Sandcliff. How could he rescue her from these horrors of far bat-land?

The never-reprinted sequel to Toka, King Of The Dinosaurs from the pages of the 1940s Fantastic Adventures. Toka and the Man Bats continues the adventures of that forgotten hero of the jungle, Toka, the caveman of Sandcliff, created by legendary science fiction pulp magazine editor and writer Raymond A. Palmer. In this novel of that wonderful cliff city in a lost world, Palmer lives up to his reputation with another fine Tarzanesque action yarn that thrills on every page.

Cover: Reproduced from the original cover for Toka and the Man Bats, Fantastic Adventures Feb. 1946.

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