TOKA, KING OF THE DINOSAURS [The Jungle-Kings Vol. 1] by Raymond A. Palmer

A "Lost" Pulp Classic!

Straight from the pages of Fantastic Adventures magazine comes this tale of action, romance, intrigue and dinosaurs! A homage to Burroughs, and a treat to pulp and Tarzan fans, King of the Dinosaurs is a rollercoaster ride written by a master, Raymond A. Palmer, editor of Fantastic Adventures—who had also published some John Carter and Carson of Venus stories by Burroughs himself!  If you like adventure, dinosaurs, barbarian heroines and wild battles as only a master pulp writer can deliver, then Toka, King of the Dinosaurs is a must-read!

Cover: Reproduced from the original cover for King of the Jungle, Fantastic Adventures 1945.

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