FAR OUT WITHIN: Off-Trail Science Fiction and Fantasy by Ralph Greco, Jr.

The first ever collection of science fiction and fantasy from the widely published author. Greco writes of this dazzling assemblage of tales: "Considering the many subgenres of science fiction, I have attempted to keep this collection focused on stories of a more 'out there' nature. Even when the action takes place on Earth, aliens (either in body or concept) are responsible for or involved with the action to such a degree they're be no story without them. A few are light-hearted (at least I hope you'll think so), some a tad bit darker and there are those time travel ones (did I mention those?) but I hope you will be entertained by them all. Enjoy this short little batch of stories, some far out and some within."

Blue Bass Guitar Blues
An Unexpected Visitor in the Mirror
The Very Last Reaction of the Positive Negative Man
The Body of...
The Seam
The Humming Place
Bombastic Christ
A Matter of Waiting
Universal Appeal
To Look but Not to See
The 'C' Factor
and others!

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