OUT THERE IS FOREVER by Priest Garnett

A Paranormal Thriller by an Exciting New Writer!

A psychotic criminal determined to revenge himself on Alice Turner, the woman he raped and whose testimony put him behind bars, discovers the unsuspected psychic power to inhabit and manipulate others. Soon the criminal, Maurice Lorenzo Ellison, turns his power against Alice, beginning a supernatural cat-and-mouse struggle.

His plan is diabolical and bloody. He plans to kill twenty loved ones from Alice's past, the exact number of years he endured in prison. The first will fall on May 13th. The last, Alice herself, will come to him on June 1st, her birthday and the twentieth anniversary of her rape. To make certain she knows who is responsible, Maurice plans to leave a note at the scene of each killing, echoing something Alice once said: "Out there is forever."

Twenty years have changed Alice, now Director of the Colorado Center for Supersensory Research and head of a small corps of specially trained psionic agents. She has also begun to fall in love with Chris Branche, her most gifted agent. When one of her cousins is murdered, the message left at the scene makes it clear to her that Ellison is the murderer. Alice realizes this will be only the first of many killings, unless she can find some way to locate and defeat Ellison. Meanwhile, Donna, her nineteen-year-old "niece," begins to have questions about her own parentage.

As the murders strike closer, Alice discovers she will either have to face the man she fears most in the world, or risk sending the man she now loves to defeat him single-handedly. Little does she realize the harrowing climax will take place on the day—and the very spot—where Ellison assaulted her two decades earlier.

Adult situations and language.

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Categories Horror , H - Novels
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