SEABIRD: A Science Fiction Romance by Jac Eddins

Romantic Science-Fantasy as She Follows Her Love Beneath the Sea...

Gina Taylor, who scouts tropical getaways for the rich and famous, goes for a swim on a tropical island and is caught in a riptide. She fears she's lost when a powerful swimmer manages to reach her in time and save her.

She discovers the swimmer is the friend of a dark-eyed admirer she has just met, a man named Dano. On shaking hands with her savior she notes the blue of his complexion and fears he has a breathing problem. He and Dano try to pass off this strange skin tone as a genetic anomaly and distract Gina from further questions by telling her they're officers on a historic sailing ship, inviting her to lunch aboard.

Lunch, however, brings further discoveries. After briefly losing consciousness, Gina wakens to discover that Dano and his friend are two of several aliens who have been living in secret undersea domes for centuries—along with thousands of humans they saved at sea and their descendants. Soon Gina finds herself involved in politics and revolution and romance in the amazing world beneath the sea, as she falls in love with Dano. But is the handsome alien all appears to be? Who is behind the attempts to kill her, or a plot to lead the Aquans to conquest of the surface world? When the time comes, will Gina have the courage to take the desperate chance that will save her friends among the Aquans—and her own world?

Here is a novel that will thrill romance and fantasy lovers alike. Ayden Delacroix, writing for In the Library Reviews, hails the romances of Jac Eddins as "Fast paced and attention-grabbing, changed my thoughts on [this type of] Romance. The characters weren't flat or predictable, they were alive, vibrant and full of surprises—detailed descriptions and intriguing secondary characters."

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