UNCLE DANIEL’S DEN: A Horror Novel by J. D. Crayne

Horror and Humor in the Robert Bloch-Weird Tales Vein!

Pianora Duvall, who manages her mother's country and western band Grand Old Gullywumpers, and has been wondering how to pay the month's bills. But when her millionaire uncle Daniel Duvall is run over by a herd of motorcyclists and then smashed flat by a cement truck, leaving her mother his only heir, it seems the answer to everybody's prayers, or at least to those of his niece. Happy days seem here again!

Unfortunately, when Pianora and the band move into the family mansion, they find the house comes equipped with a sullen caretaker, a dimwitted scullery maid, a large stuffed crocodile hanging from the ceiling, a cozy little family cemetery, strange noises coming from behind a mysterious door in her Uncle Daniel's den, and something huge, hairy, and yellow-eyed that can only be seen in the mirrors.

But just when Pianora is making headway with the caretaker, who turns out to be not quite as sullen and unapproachable as she thought, all hell breaks loose. Literally! And carries her mother, the rest of the Grand Old Gullywumpers, and assorted other characters, off to an eldritch doom. That's when Pianora discovers she is the only one who can save them, and save the good-looking caretaker she wasn't quite done with.

Battling darkness, demons, and a snowstorm that comes indoors to look for victims, our intrepid heroine is determined to win despite the odds and get back to a cold drink, a warm shower and a hot caretaker. If she isn't carried off, too, by the indescribable horrors from beyond who lurk just behind the forbidden door in Uncle Daniel's den.

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Categories Horror , H - Novels
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