RALPH 124C 41+ by Hugo Gernsback

Romance and Adventure in This Classic 1920 View of the Year 2666!

Ralph 124C 41+ is the leading genius around town in the scientifically run utopia of the year 2660. His inventions have helped make the world a better place to live in and his every thought is devoted to scientific advancement—until he meets Alice 212B 423 and she instantly becomes the object of his affections. He woos her amid a tour of the wonders of the New York of 2660 C.E.—until one of his scientific rivals also becomes a rival for Alice's hand. Though Ralph has won Alice's heart, his rival kidnaps her and hides her in a scientific fortress defended by fearful weapons of his own invention. Soon the two are pitted against each other in a battle of scientific genius and weaponry.

Here's a genuine keystone novel in the field of science fiction. Written by Hugo Gernsback, the man dubbed the Father of American Science Fiction for his founding of the first all-sf magazine, Amazing Stories, in 1926, Ralph 124C 41+ is 1920's fictional look at the year 2660. And, due to the author's scientific background, most of its predictions came true! As critic Groff Conklin says, Ralph "contains a goodly number of then-fantastic scientific ideas that have since become fact. It also is a lot of fun to read. True enough, the plot is old-hat and the style is awkward—but even so Ralph is thoroughly delightful. It has the genuine charm of a sound, workmanlike antique, plus the often-astonishing survival value of successful prophecy. You will not be disappointed with this tale!"

With five of the original 1920s illustrations by Paul.

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