Sci-Fi Larry Niven Hails as "Dark" And "Funny!" Mars, the church, media and world crisis come together in a heady mix that will remind some readers of James Morrow and others of Frederik Pohl. Not since Dr. Strangelove has there been such a wildly cynical science fictional look at the world we live in!

From an April Fool joke gone wrong, to an imitation alien bilking the rich, The Cosmic Wheel turns through a near future filled with sex, blasphemy, and a satiric look at life in the mid-21st Century. Michael Brandise, Public Relations Director for NASA, searches for the meaning of it all, with a few rolls in the hay along the way. Fastidious Maryanne Thinready is looking for a way to break off a love affair gone sour, while her husband finds comfort in the arms of a woman with unique ideas about the Hereafter. The irreverent Pope Glorious the First, the closest thing to an anti-Pope the modern world has seen, wonders where he went wrong. Pint-sized Childe Osbourne, entertainment's biggest star since that little girl with the golden curls, enjoys big graveyards and big women, often at the same time. In the midst of the mayhem, Jason Christopher Woodman rockets into space, while newspaper editor Carl Fawcett and roving reporter Nilla Bristol record it all with a jaundiced eye and hopes for a better future.

No wonder multiple award-winning science fiction author Larry Niven says, "Reading The Cosmic Wheel was something like watching a Ping Pong game played by thousands of players around a table the size of a world. Dark humor. Funny stuff, The Cosmic Wheel."

Cover: Elspeth Fahey

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