ANGEL WITHOUT WINGS by Ross Chamberlain


By night she flew free and alone beneath the stars. Or so she thought.

Judy Rowe, gifted with the power of flight, found refuge in the open spaces above the Carolina mountains, beneath the stars. She was unaware that she was but one of many—and some, closer than she could have guessed, were already learning about her.

How could she or anyone know that Armageddon could be triggered by the psychic awakening of a young art school student in New York, who dreams, one night, of a beautiful flying angel without wings. The tale follows the journey of an ordinary man who finds himself thrust into extraordinary circumstances and who is then unexpectedly imbued with powers. Powers both magical...and frightening. Has the young art student been blessed or has he been cursed?

An exceptional fantasy novel from Ross Chamberlain and Futures Past Editions!

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Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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