CHILDREN OF THE CHRONOTRON and THE ULTIMATE DEATH: Two Classic SF Pulp Novels by Stuart J. Byrne

Never-Reprinted Short Novels by the #1 Bestselling SF Author!

Golden age pulpster Stuart J. Byrne's magnum opus, Star Quest, was a number one science fiction eBook bestseller, and the first ever collection of his never-reprinted stories from the 1950s pulps, Music of the Spheres, was the number two bestselling sf eBook for weeks. Now comes this last pair of his unreprinted shorter works, two "book-length" novels (we call them novellas today) from the pages of Other Worlds and Imagination.

"Children of the Chronotron" tells the gripping story of the reactions of a cross-section of humanity snatched from their familiar environment and hurled a million years into the future. The story was a huge hit with readers. Jonathon Gossage wrote that "the author got hold of a really good idea and did it justice." Don Wilson said the story "held me until the end, a rare thing." And the soon to be world famous agent Henry Morrison, still a young fan, hailed it as "good adventure, science fiction, not space opera. It's tops."

Then, in "The Ultimate Death," Byrne tackles a trio of subjects revolutionary for the sf of its time and still controversial today: religion, faith, and the role of science. As usual with Byrne's work, it's a thought-provoking story you won't soon forget.

Find out why the young Harlan Ellison called Stuart J. Byrne's work "terrific!"

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