SAVED BY AN ANGEL & Other Strange and True Tales from a Maverick Science Fiction Writer

Rescued from Certain Death by a Man who Wasn't There!

On the trail of a lost civilization in the South American jungles! Spying for a high-tech firm in Brussels! Strange recurrences of the mystic number seven! Personal encounters with the Mahatmas of the Hierarchy of Risen Masters! Discovering proof the legendary Shaver Mystery is true! Out-of-body experiences! A magical romance with his wife Joey that transcended time and space—and even death itself!

Here is one of science fiction's most unique books as told by one of its most unique talents. Legendary sf writer Stuart J. Byrne's life has led him down paths mysterious, occult, illuminating... and in this frank tell-all confession he lays his reputation and career on the line describing real-life events most other science fiction writers would never dream of admitting. Plus asides on friends like Ray Bradbury, Forest J Ackerman, the notorious Shaver, and others; along with anecdotes about working on early science fiction television series like Men into Space. Set against a background of his career working for early Space Age companies. A must-read book!

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