THE ALPHA TRAP [David Duqayne #1] by Stuart J. Byrne

What if you were picked to wage an almost hopeless battle against all the demons of Hell?

OMEGA, a super-secret organization of billionaires who have dedicated their fortunes to benevolent causes, have discovered that the stories of Hell and its demons are actually rooted in fact—for millennia ago, Earth was infiltrated by monstrous aliens who have since risen over and over again to positions of power and influence where they could sow suffering and death across the planet.

OMEGA selects Dave Duqayne and Mike Havelin, former U.S. commandos, to head a strike team in a desperate attempt to locate the top aliens and destroy them. But Duqayne and Havelin, lifetime buddies, both fall in love with the daughter of one of OMEGA's zillionaire backers, Lillian Hart.

Then, in order to recover after being attacked and nearly killed by the demonic aliens, Duqayne is subjected to brain surgery that enables him to become OMEGA’S super weapon. The result for Duqayne is a new range of wild talents and glimpses of unforeseen things—things that wreak havoc on his love life. That's when Lillian discovers the only way she can follow him into his new dimensions is by committing herself to witchcraft.

Meanwhile, the aliens have learned of OMEGA and David's team, and are marshaling their overwhelmingly superior forces to blot them from the face of the Earth!

The Alpha Trap is another astonishing blend of physics and metaphysics by the trail-blazing author whose work Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry said he'd "wait in line" to buy and read!

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