STAR QUEST: An Epic Science Fiction Adventure by Stuart J. Byrne

"A compelling read, SF in its primal form!" —Ardath Mayhar, Balrog Award winner, Nebula Award nominee.

Written in response to a request from Gene Roddenberry and dedicated to him, Star Quest is master science fictioneer Stuart J. Byrne's Stu's magnum opus. Written at the height of Byrne's powers, Star Quest was intended for a multimillion dollar science fiction movie, but this brilliantly crafted and carefully thought out novel took so long in the making that Roddenberry's final illness precluded his involvement as producer.

Byrne, a former space industry executive and metaphysician, poured an entire lifetime's learning and thought into this extraordinary novel. Star Quest is an enthralling story, based on cutting-edge physics, that asks why the speed of light is the limiting factor in our universe. Sure to please fans of John Baxter, Isaac Asimov, C. J. Cherryh, and the many Star Treks, Star Quest suggests the startling answer that this limitation may be a chastity belt imposed on the universe by infinitely evolved beings to prevent contamination by unstable, immature cultures.

Star Quest tells the engrossing, human story of what happens to the first men and women who break through the light speed barrier, and what they encounter in the universe they find beyond it. Filled with high adventure, romance, hard science and hard metaphysics, it's is an unforgettable science fiction novel in a league by itself. Charles Nuetzel, author of The Nova Incident and the Noomas saga calls Star Quest a book by "a masterful story teller with an amazingly complex mind ... at the very top of his game ... a novel so intense, right from the first sentence, that it is almost impossible to stop reading ... amazingly crisp and alarmingly precise in style. Recommended to all readers who want to discover the rich, poetic depths of Stu Bryne's amazing imagination."

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