KNIGHTS OF TOMORROW [Star Warriors #2] by Joe Vadalma

Fans of Dan Simmons will love this series about humans and aliens vying for control of the galaxy!

Ten years after the Galactic Chess War, an uneasy peace exists between the Stygians and Olympians. There is trade, but also rivalry. The Stygian warlords are uneasy about the peace, since their honor has been besmirched by their defeat. Emperor Makido is extremely paranoid and trusts no one except his personal security agent, George. His paranoia is justified; there are many plots against him.

The manipulative, scheming Empress Lydia, whose powers border on sorcery, manipulates Makido into another war with the Stygians and is having a secret love affair with his son, Prince Ron Bo Kan, a hamlet-like character who schemes with the AIs to replace Makido with an AI.

Even more sinister forces are at work; the super AI, Aristotle, has decided that it is only logical for the AIs take control of the galaxy, especially when he discovers the existence of the starbuster, which has the potential to destroy the galaxy. He cooks up a plan to replace the flesh rulers with AI. All this leads to galactic war, revolt, convoluted assassination plots, and espionage. Who will save the galactic civilization from falling into chaos? Will new Knights appear to save the future's tomorrow for humanity?

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Categories SF - Novels , Science Fiction
Author Page Joe Vadalma's Futures Past Editions eBooks