TAKEOVER: A Novel of Alien Invasion by Joe Vadalma

What can one android and three misfits hope to do to tilt the balance against all-powerful aliens?

The Spakerusms have taken over Earth and rule it through their android slaves. They believe that their rule is benevolent, and their only wish is to prepare mankind to join a galactic union of sapient races.

Takeover relates how three men fare under this "benevolent" rule. The first is Professor Courley, an eccentric and a bit of a recluse. One day he is ordered to report to the Anomalies Department of the Bureau of Social Engineering and is told that he must become more social.

George Majoraski joins a group of insurgents to fight against the Spakerusm's rule. During the day he appears to be an ordinary citizen—but at night he and his terrorist group sabotage and destroy, sometimes having to murder both humans and androids alike.

Jacob Martarono is an agitator who targets androids, convincing them that their work causes harm to humans. After Martarono is thrown in a cell, he is rescued by an android—one he's spoken to before, and who has been spreading his message to his fellows and attempting to build up quite a base of support...


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Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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