THE ARTIFACT: A Novel of Interstellar Adventure by Joe Vadalma

Romance, alien space stations, white holes, interstellar smugglers—and more—highlight this enthralling short novel!

Sally and Rog are sometime lovers, but to the universe at large they're just "space bums" who ply the starways dealing in stolen antiquities, looting derelicts, and smuggling illegal goods. Though they remain friends and partners, the truth is that Rog is still in love with Sally, but Sally only loves her starship, Sally's Fantasy.

But things begin to change when they hear of a mysterious white hole that ends near a mysterious alien object. At the other end, Sally and Rog find themselves thousands of light-years outside the galaxy. The only object in view is a space station of unknown design, millions of years old, that may hold untold treasures—or sudden death. What happens there will change their lives and rekindle the passionate love for each other they had long thought could never be ignited again. ...If, that is, they somehow manage to escape with their lives.

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Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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