THE BAGOD by Joe Vadalma

Reawakened in the Far Future!

When Joe Hermann, a twenty-first century man, submits to cryogenic freezing in hopes that a cure for his cancer will be found when he awakens, what he thinks will be a short sleep turns into a 3,000-year snooze.

The new world he wakes into is very different from the one he knew. Mostly wilderness and underpopulated, it is also a world only of women. Men are the stuff of legend, but not in a heroic way; they are, instead, considered devils.

At first Joe thinks he's awakened into a dream come true—the only man in a world of women! But soon Joe realizes he is a freak in this world, and most women are repulsed by the though of sex with him; they consider it a perverted form of bestiality. They call him a "bagod," their word for "devil". To pay for his hospital bills, he is indentured as a slave to two women, one with very strong desires of her own. Once she discovers her highly kinky taste for intercourse with Joe, Joe finds himself rented out by his two mistresses as a stud.

When Joe learns there are still men alive—just not on Earth—he determines to escape and join them. Before him stretches an epic odyssey, one that will take him into slavery, to a satellite of pleasure orbiting Saturn, to the dangerous zone of the Kuiper Belt, to adventure, peril, strange cultures, and finally to self-discovery. For when Joe realizes he has fallen in love with his mistresses, he discovers that there is a way he can to return to Earth and their companionship forever. If the bagod is willing to pay the price!

Rated Mature; some sexual content.

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Categories Science Fiction , Fantasy , SF - Novels , F - Novels
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