FARLIGHT: A Novel of Dangerous Knowledge by Michael Swanson

His Discovery Shed Farlight on History's Greatest Secrets!

What really happened to JFK? Did Roosevelt know about Pearl Harbor in advance? Does Iran have a nuclear weapon? When scientist Lesli Quisp finds a way to intercept light from earth far out in space, he inadvertently discovers a way of using this "farlight" to see the past. The secret of farlight enables its possessor to penetrate the mists and learn the truth surrounding many of recent history's most controversial historical events.

Reality proves to be stranger than fiction, however, and the events Quisp sees prove to be far different from the official version. But when he teams up with Marion Fish, a psychologist and an expert in nonverbal communication, romance blooms—and so does government interest.

Using Farlight to search for lost treasures, Quisp and Fish become too successful too fast. Soon the FBI is on their trail and after the secret of their success. The pair realize what a tool for oppression farlight could become, and that the government will stop at nothing to get it from them. Fleeing the feds, they finally discover that the only thing that can save them from the danger farlight has created—is farlight itself.

Here is an original and thought-provoking novel that test readers at the Del Rey Writer's Workshop hailed as "Vividly voyeuristic." Reading Farlight is the closest thing to being on scene for history's greatest mysteries!

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