MISTRESS OF THE DJINN [The Discrowned King Vol. 1] by Geoff St. Reynard


Crusaders and Saracens Against the Djinn!

It's the Third Crusade. King Godwin of England and his loyal knight, Richard the Lion-heart, are battling against the Saracens for possession of the Holy City. That's just the beginning of this uproarious, rousing lost fantasy epic out of print for over half a century.

When Godwin meets Ramizail, descendant of Solomon, the stormy mistress of the good Djinn, she wheedles one little favor out of the British monarch. But when Godwin agrees to destroy Dar el Baida, sinful city of the evil Djinn, little does he dream just how radically the venture will change his life. For Ramizail has plans of her own for Godwin's future—if he lives to have one!

Making common cause with Ramizail, the Saracen leader, El Sareuk, and the Djinn, Mihrjan, Godwin and the faithful Richard ride into a hell's brew of magic. Soon it's siege-engines versus spells, with only Ramizail to protect them. A giant battle of the Saracens and Crusaders against the evil Djinn looms. Yet, if Godwin wins this battle of men and magic, Ramizail has it planned that he'll lose the battle of the sexes!

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Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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