THE CASPAK OMNIBUS: The Land That Time Forgot; The People That Time Forgot; Out Of Time’s Abyss

All Three Caspak Novels in One eBook!

Complete and unabridged! The Land that Time Forgot, The People that Time Forgot, and Out of Time's Abyss—in one ebook for one low price.

A German submarine lost on a secret mission, a daring aviator crashed on an uncharted island, his friend, desperate to find and rescue him—they all come together on Caspak, the continent where time stands still and dinosaurs and cave men continue to rule supreme.  Battling saber-toothed tigers, giant reptiles, pterodactyls and human treachery, the castaways find love, death, loyalty, betrayal, and a new understanding of themselves.

"One of Burroughs' most exciting adventure novels…  In Caspak, the strange land where Time stood still, Burroughs made one of his most imaginative creations … thrilling."  —Lin Carter.

All three books complete and unabridged—over 600 pages in hardcover.

Cover: J. Allen St. John

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