NIGHTMARE! A Classic Of Waking Terror by Francis Stevens

Classic Horror Novel, First Time in Book Form!

First published in 1916, this debut novel of terror launched the career of Francis Stevens (aka Gertrude Barrows Bennett), the grandmistress of horror, author of Possessed!, Citadel of Fear, Claimed!, and other classic novels of terror. Nightmare! was never reprinted in book form due to the author's untimely death. Horror master H. P. Lovecraft hailed Francis Stevens as among "the top grade of horror writers." In Nightmare!, writes historian-critic Sam Moskowitz, "The air of mystery and the atmospheric buildup are superbly done, indicating a ranking talent."

When a tourist from New York sails on the ill-fated liner Lusitania, he wakens from a night's sleep to find himself struggling in the seas off an uncharted island. There, he encounters man-eating plants, spiders as big as a dining-room table, bears as large as elephants, and bats of similar proportions. He also finds himself caught in a rivalry between two dangerous groups competing to extract a rare substance found only on the island which turns lead into gold. Then he meets the strong-minded woman who opposes both groups—and joins her cause. But, the horrors of nature and the evil plans of greedy men are only the least of the dangers they must overcome, if they are to escape their nightmare!

Cover: Elspeth Fahey

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