THE DARKNESS AND DAWN OMNIBUS: The Complete Classic SF Trilogy by George Allan England

"One of the Truly Great Classics of Science Fiction!" —Amazing Stories

The Darkness and Dawn Trilogy is pioneering science fiction writer George Allan England's masterwork. The Last New Yorkers, the first novel, begins when secretary Beatrice Kendrick and her boss, a young engineer named Allan Stern, awaken on an upper floor of a ruined Manhattan skyscraper, thousands of years in the future when civilization has been destroyed. The pair has been in a state of suspended animation for fifteen hundred years.

Changes in the earth's features as well as monstrously mutated "humans" make it clear they have little hope of survival. The pair organize their resources to face the savage alternatives about them and the closeness created by their mutual interdependency inevitably kindles romance between Allan and Beatrice.

In Book Two, Beyond the Great Oblivion, Allan and Beatrice begin to discover the nature of the catastrophe that has split the Earth open. Rebuilding an airplane, they find a "bottomless" chasm near Pittsburgh where a huge portion of the Earth has been torn away to become a second moon. Alan and Beatrice earn the loyalty of the People of this Abyss and lead them from the chasm to New York.

In Book Three, The Afterglow, Allan and Beatrice, with the People of the Abyss, prepare to recolonize the Earth's surface. But first, they must defeat the devolved, cannibalistic survivors who populate Earth's cities.

Analog calls Darkness and Dawn "a classic trilogy," while historian/critic Sam Moskowitz terms it "a masterpiece."

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