THE USURPERS – A Classic of Alien Invasion by Geoff St. Reynard

"1950s Pulp Alien Invasion Shocker too Intense for Book Publication!"

When The Usurpers first appeared in the magazine Imagination during the early 1950s, Nebula and Hugo Award winner Robert Silverberg wrote that Geoff St. Reynard's work is "off the beaten track. The concept of aliens masquerading in human form is not at all new but this story is different and powerful, a minor SF classic."

Considered too strong by the hard- and softcover SF book publishers of the era, The Usurpers has never been republished in the half-century since. Now you can read this SF classic and judge for yourself. Here is a story that is bound to remind you of Night of the Living Dead and The Thing.

Science fiction has often speculated on the possibility of aliens walking the Earth masquerading as human beings—Jerry Wolfe discovered it was true! He had seen the aliens in their actual form! He must be high, you say. Don't laugh! Your best friend is one of them! Discover what happens when a handful of brave men and women decide to pit their puny forces against the might of Earth's secret masters and the governments they control! You will find romance, action, and daring speculation in this lost classic, in its first ever book publication!

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