Three Times the Magic Equals Three Times the Fun!

All three of Edith Nesbit's delightful "Five Children" fantasies are gathered together here in one convenient eBook.

In each, five children (Robert, Anthea, Jane, Cyril, and "the baby") stumble on something magical, "resulting inevitably in a totally delightful chaos," according to the Reader's Guide to Fantasy. "The children are wonderfully real—given a magic carpet, their inventive mischief with such an object is awe-inspiring...Nesbit's magic is most original, hinting at great wonder and strangeness," the Reader's Guide continues.

The Guide also calls the Five Children Trilogy Nesbit's "best work." You will see why when you read about the Five Children's discovery of an amulet in the form of a horseshoe that grows until it becomes a gateway to the past and future—and the unintended affect their newfound magic ring has on the maid! Here is a long-recognized classic that mixes fantasy and humor. Nesbit's world will enthrall, enchant and delight you all at once.

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