POLARIS OF THE SNOWS: The Classic Science Fantasy by Charles B. Stilson

Tarzan's Only True Rival!

From the pages of the magazine that gave birth to Tarzan of the Apes comes Charles B. Stilson's immortal classic, Polaris of the Snows, a magnificent adventure of a boy raised in the Antarctic wilderness—a boy who grows to be a giant of a man, nearly impervious to the frigid cold of the wastelands, with iron muscles equal to those of the mightiest polar bear. Raised by a taciturn old man, Polaris has never seen any other humans or known any other life. Then the old man's death, and a promise to carry a message North to civilization, sets Polaris on an adventure that will try him body and soul.

First, he meets the young American heiress Rose Emer, cut off from her party and lost in this world of frozen white. Then the two of them stumble into a strange inner world, where they find the strange civilization of Sardanes, preserved like a hothouse flower for thousands of years by the heat of nearby volcanoes. There Polaris will discover his love for Rose Emer even as he fights against hopeless odds to save her—and the world—from a cruel despot. Meanwhile in the outer world, a man who wants Rose searches the icy wastes, determined that no one but he will return with her, mad with lust for her fortune.

Here, in the immortal tradition, is an unforgettable classic: the thrilling adventures of a fur-clad Viking waif of the ice floes, in a fantastic hidden empire beyond the South Pole.

First time in book form, complete and uncut.

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