THE MURRAY LEINSTER OMNIBUS: The Wailing Asteroid; Operation Outer Space; Space Tug

Three Complete Classics by Hugo Award Winning Author.

In book one, research scientist Joseph Burke and his secretary Sandy Lund discover their love for each other and plan to marry, when strange signal from an unknown asteroid puts their passion on hold. The alien message screams of doom for Earth. But what doom? When the two lovers join a courageous crew of humans using a scientific breakthrough to reach the asteroid, what they find upsets their world even more than the screaming messages!

In book two, TV producer Jed Cochrane sets out to cover the discovery of a faster-than-light drive, then faster than you could say "Einstein," Jed finds himself trapped inside a spacecraft with his kooky secretary and a reluctant psychiatrist, being hurled far beyond the confines of the Solar System.

In book three, Joe Kenmore has a simple-sounding assignment: Deliver supplies and atomic weapons to the new U.S. space station, then help prepare for the first practical moon base. But physics and enemy agents place seemingly impossible obstacles in his way!

Murray Leinster is the winner of both the Hugo Award and the Retro-Hugo Award. He was one of the most distinguished writers associated with John W. Campbell's Astounding Science Fiction and the golden age of the sf pulps.

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