POSSESSED: A Tale of the Demon Serapion by Francis Stevens

From the Creator of Dark Fantasy!

Move over Dean Koontz and Anne Rice, the Grandmistress of Horror is back in print at last, with her supreme novel of psychological terror! Francis Stevens has "the best claim at creating the new genre of dark fantasy," writes Professor Gary C. Hoppenstand, while the supreme historian of sf/f/h Sam Moskowitz says, "Francis Stevens (Gertrude Barrows Bennett) was the greatest woman writer of horror between Mary Shelly and Anne Rice!"

This unnerving classic from the pages of the pulp magazines All-Story and Famous Fantastic Mysteries tells the chilling tale of a normal young man tempted to theft, murder and betrayal when he becomes the unwilling tool of an evil spirit from beyond the grave.

Author-critic Lloyd Arthur Eshbach hailed this shudder classic as "original in concept, entertainingly written, revealing an unusual mastery of atmosphere, a flair for maintaining suspense, a fertile imagination, a rare narrative gift, and a strong leaning toward the mysterious." If you love the work of Koontz, King, Rice, Straub, and Clark, you must read Francis Stevens' Possessed!

Publisher Note: As a bonus, this special eBook edition contains the only three short tales of dark fantasy Francis Stevens ever published: "Behind the Curtain," "Elf-Trap" and "Unseen-Unfeared".

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