THE SECOND TARZAN OMNIBUS: The Beasts of Tarzan; The Son of Tarzan; Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

Three More Full-Length Tarzan Books in One!

Read three Tarzan novels in one ebook—for one low price. The Beasts of Tarzan and The Son of Tarzan tell the thrill-packed story of the kidnapping of the jungle lord's infant son by a treacherous enemy.  Tarzan's best efforts to track the culprit prove fruitless, and in what the enemy feels is the perfect revenge, the boy is abandoned in the jungle, to die among the animals.  But one of Tarzan's ape friends senses the foundling is the jungle lord's son—and soon he, too, is being raised among the anthropoids.

Grown to his teenage years, he rescues a young French girl, lost amid the wilds, and the two lead an idyllic life—until human enemies prove more savage than the most fearsome jungle beasts and the two are separated. To rescue her, he will have to prove himself, indeed, the son of Tarzan.

In Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, the ape man and his family are vacationing on their African ranch when financial reverses send Tarzan back to the treasure vaults of Opar. But an injury during an earthquake costs Tarzan his memory of recent events and sends him back to his ape brethren, Jane forgotten—just when she needs him most! Kidnapped by false friends, Jane faces her own jungle ordeal, hoping at any moment for Tarzan to rescue her.  While Tarzan, gathering fruit from the vines, has no memory of her existence at all.

All three books complete and unabridged—over 1200 pages in hardcover.

Cover: J. Allen St. John.

Categories Fantasy , F - Bargain Omnibuses
Author Page Edgar Rice Burroughs' Futures Past Editions eBooks