SLAVES OF THE NINTH MOON [Hallmeyer, Destroyer of Worlds #2] by Ross Rocklynne

Nebula Nominee Author's Lost Pulp Saga of Man Ordered to Kill the Woman He Loves in Order to Save Earth!

This volume contains the final two stories in Nebula Award nominee writer Ross Rocklynne's lost pulp science fiction series, Hallmeyer, Destroyer of Worlds. As with the first volume of this series, all the stories are reprinted for the first time in more than sixty years.

The second Hallmeyer tale in this volume, "The Bubble Dwellers," has the distinction of being both the only novel-length work in the series and the final story, bringing the saga to an unexpectedly satisfying conclusion. In "Slaves of the Ninth Moon", undercover jobs too dirty and tough for the IPF had always been assigned to Hallmeyer. But never, in even his wildest dreams, had he thought that to fulfill his mission he would have to murder the woman he loved.

Then in his final adventure, "The Bubble Dwellers", Hallmeyer finds the perfect woman for the happy ending he needs—if she doesn't kill him first! The hell-planet of Vulcan had spawned a deadly menace that might entrap the civilized worlds. Only Sydney Hallmeyer could halt that force, only he could stop the fiendish Zondat—and he was helpless, a slave laborer of the man he fought, condemned for life to Vulcan's depths!

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