THIS PLANET IS MINE [The Adventures of Johnny Mayhem #2] by C. H. Thames

Two More Never-Reprinted Classic Pulp Adventures of the Man Who Gave His Life to Save the Universe—Over and Over and Over Again!

An encounter with aliens had given Johnny Mayhem an extrahuman power: He could travel anywhere mentally and enter the body of anyone on any planet. But if he stayed in one body longer than thirty days, Mayhem died.

First, in this volume, Mayhem is given an assignment that proves "Magellan was a Piker," when he is told, "If you lose this one, you are indeed lost. But if you win it you can lose, too!"

Then, Johnny Mayhem is given a new body. It hasn't been tried out and no one can guarantee it won't be the death of him. But he can't turn it down because it comes with the assignment. He isn't too worried, though. His only concern, as he says, is "What's the trade-in value when I'm through with it?" It may not have any trade-in value, Johnny, because something strange says, "This Planet is Mine."

Cover: Original Amazing Stories cover for "This Planet is Mine".

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