LAND OF THE BURNING SEA by Malcolm Jameson

A Glorious Action Adventure Straight from the Classic Pulps!

Published in the April 1942 Thrilling Wonder Stories, this "complete novel of time to come" was written by the award-winning Malcolm Jameson, author of Bullard: From Cadet to Commander.

When the world becomes so perfect in the future that all joy is lost, it takes a thoughtful young barbarian and a rebellious young woman to lead humanity back to freedom and happiness. Earth has been destroyed, but humanity still thrives on a habitable Venus. In the valleys are the most perfect of modern cities and there dwell the Perfections, who worship efficiency, and strive to become as perfect as machines. In the hills live the barbarians, surviving by their skills in hunting, fishing, and farming in the midst of raw nature. The two groups hate each other.

Then a young barbarian is captured and taken to one of the cities of the Perfectionists where he meets a young woman who has been punished for her creativity. Soon the two escape from the city, pursued by soldiers. Before they reach safety, they will face many perils, and learn a secret that will change the future of Venus forever.

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Categories Science Fiction , Fantasy , F - Novels , SF - Novels
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