BIOBLAST by Ramond Z. Gallun

Brand New Idea in Psychic Powers!

Was Lance Tolliver the "missing link" to humanity's future? Born with the incredible ability to go deep inside his body, draw on its wisdom and even reshape it, Lance was a unique combination of man, chameleon and genius. He had the power to adapt, to create, and to destroy!

To many people he was a dangerous genetic mistake capable of unlimited evil and devastation that must be exterminated at all costs. To others, Lance represented the New Prometheus, what humanity might become, must become, if it was to mature, survive and reach the stars. But no one is sure whether Lance Tolliver is really the next rung up the evolutionary ladder, or the first of a race of supermonsters bent on the total extinction of the human race.

Only two people know the truth, physicians Ted Destin and Linda Abbott. And unless they can make themselves heard, the world will soon witness the awesome devastation of Tolliver's ultimate power, the bioblast! Here is another enthralling, cutting-edge science fiction masterwork from Raymond Z. Gallun, Nebula nominee author of Skyclimber and Dawn of the Demi-Gods.

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