RAT IN THE SKULL & Other SF Classics by Rog Phillips

Hugo Nominee Story, First Time Ever in a Book!

Robert Silverberg calls Phillips "A master!" and Analog/Astounding hails Phillips' SF as "Fast-moving—entertainment!" Find out why in this giant helping of classic Golden Age science fiction, Rat in the Skull & Other SF Classics. Here is the much-lauded science fiction author Rog Phillips' first-ever collection featuring his Hugo-nominee short novel and five other outré novelettes.

Included is Phillips' science fiction masterpiece, "Rat in the Skull" (unavailable for nearly fifty years). What the magazine editors said then about this controversial novelette remains true today: "Some people will be shocked by this story. Others will be deeply moved. Everyone who reads it will be talking about it. Read the first four pages: then put it down if you can."

Other Phillips novelettes gathered in Rat in the Skull include: "The Yellow Pill," "Executioner No. 43," "Unto the Nth Generation," "Pariah," "Love Me, Love My..." and "The Holes in My Head." This collection is a must-read for those who love science fiction.

"Science fiction readers who have never been exposed to Roger Phillips Graham's* inimitable brand of prose are in for a real treat." —Forrest Ackerman.

*Rog Phillips' birthname; see Author Page.

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